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A Sari Blouse is the inner top that a women wear below the sari to cover the upper body. The Sari blouse or the choli came into existence after many centuries of Sari being present. Sari was worn in earlier time as once cloth which us to cover the whole body and the sari blouse was non existent.

Even nowdays in South India you can find many women wearing a Sari with the blouse. In the earlier times when Sari came into existence it was worn covering the neck till the waist with full long sleeves covering the arms. But sari blouse revolutionased over the centuries to coming into todays smaller Choli kind style. In the modern era sari blouse comes in various neck style and even bacless. The Sleeves have shortened and even contrast color blouse is being compared to sari color.

The Designer have made the sari blouse their creative land as there is not much which can be done in changing the shape of the sari but sari blouse can be made in various shapes and cuts. Sari blouse normal style is like Round neck sari blouse, V neck sari blouse and U neck Sari blouse.

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