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Indian Saris Hostory goes a long time back as sari reference is given in the Hindu epic Mahabharta. The earliest reference in arts and sculptures that have been found are from the 6th century AD. Indian Saris are till date worn from North to South India to East to west India. Wherever you travel you will see sari as a normal clothing.

Indian Saris come in variety of Designs with Hand embroidery of stones, beads or pearls which are in a shape of a flower plant or a randomly created design or motif. The Fabric used in an Indian sari can vary widely from georgette Indian saris, crepe Indian saris, silk Indian Saris, cotton Indian Saris, Chiffon Indian saris and even fusion fabrics with mixture of the above materials.

Indian Saris are worn in most of the Hindu fuctions and festival as its considered and tradition Indian outfit. Indian Saris may have emerged over the years but its still considered sacred in ceremonies and are worn from teenage girls to elderly women.

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Indian Saris
Indian Sari
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